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a child restraint system for use in commercial aircraft
International euromold-fair Frankfurt am Main/Germany 02.12 - 05.12.2009
DDC Danish Design Center Copenhagen/Denmark 9.10 - 15.11.2009
Headquarter Braun GmbH, Kronberg/Germany 17.09 - 01.10.2009
Red Dot Museum Singapore 28.11.2008 - 01.11.2009
Focus Green Ludwigsburg/Germnany 18.10.2008 - 30.11.2008
Formschluss HTW Dresden 15.02.2008 - 16.02.2008

Braunprize international 2009 "finalist"
Red dot concept award 2008 - "best of the best"
James Dyson Award 2009 - "finalist"
Mia Seeger Prize 2008 - "highly commended"
The idea for Skylino was based on modern flight seats with 3-point belt (like in cars), which offers the opportunity to include a child-restraint system to secure the child in front of its parent. After reaching the travel flight altitude, the shoulder belt can be removed, which then allows the infant to be placed in a kind of hammock position. The parent is then able to move and relax.

Physical contact between parent and child has many advantages: the child is calmed by the contact with his/her parent, and other airline passengers will be disturbed less. It’s much more comfortable to enter the aircraft with a child because mother or father has free Hands for their handluggage and could easier move in the narrow walks of a plane.

If there is an emergency, the parent simply needs to unlock the belt and get up with the child, being able to leave the aircraft as quickly as the other passengers. The yellow back stabiliser protects against pushes and injuries during an evacuation.

With the infant strapped against the parent’s chest, the parent could use his/her hands to protect himself/herself and the infant, which also makes it easier and safer to balance on the evacuation slide. If the child will be detached from its parents through an emergency landing, the high contrast yellow back stabiliser will call attention to rescuer.