Dipl. Product Designer (FH)
Claude-Lorrain-Str. 7 // 81543 Munich // Germany
phone: +49(0)89.330990336 // fax: +49(0)89.33099338
mail: info@creative-brain.com
USER CENTERED DESIGN. In our more and more digitized world the often used statement: "form follows function" loses more and more in weight. The mobile phone, our loyal companion, changes from the electronic pocket computer to an all-rounder and with it, without fail becoming the "black box". Functionalities become only visible if the interface lights up. Design and function often do not stick together any more. With the technical possibilities the complexity also grows in the use of such a multi function device. Therefore, a logical and intuitive user interface wins more and more in importance. The trend towards the individuation demands a handling, own to the user. Not the product as such is in the foreground but even more the story which allows us to experience it.

In this quickly changing world the designer takes a position as cultural anthropologist. He continually looks for potential of newly developing connections and continually has an eye on the problems which the people find in dealing with their environment. To do justice to this constantly growing requirements in design it is important to absorb all new prospects, to make a subsequent critical evaluation. One must be careful not to dismiss solutions which seem unrealistic for a moment or hardly enforceable. Physical Mockups, functional models, and digital click dummies help to break through the borders of own understanding. Besides, a multicultural, interdisciplinary team forms the fertile soil for creativity. Paired with sense for reality, these angle of view create the optimum conditions for successful, lasting design for the purposes of the customer and consumer.

photo: Annecke Gerloff